Website for the 2020 Linux Audio Conference held in Bordeaux, France
25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
AAMA - DIY Ambisonics microphone kits
Winfried Ritsch  1@  
1 : Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics  (IEM)  -  Website
Inffeldgasse 10/3 8010 Graz -  Austria

The overall target is the making of affordable DIY Ambisonics recording devices with individual flair, targeting streaming, indoor and outdoors field recorders for sound art, recordings or environmental monitoring.
One central part of this aim is to make "Affordable Ambisonics Microphones Array" (AAMA).
The usage of an embedded Linux computer simplified and accelerated the development of individual solutions of higher order Ambisonics microphone arrays.
Hardware addons for these embedded Linux systems has been developed, especially for interfacing microphone arrays.
Sensors enhancing the usage of these microphones, combined with corresponding software tools enables the construction of individual AAMAs.

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