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25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
Who needs Max anyways?: Learning how to make Wiimote-based Instruments with pd-l2ork
Brandon Hale  1@  
1 : Composer and Performer

Max msp is used in many research environments for doing complex audio and data manipulations, as well as creating electronic instruments. I will be showing the Linux community how one can create electronic instruments using the extended free software pd-l2ork. The basic format of the workshop will consist of first explaining where I work and how pd-l2ork is relevant to me. Then, I will focus on getting the audience up to speed with the basics of using pd-l2ork (and pd, since pd-l2ork is based on pd). After that, I will show the audience how to create some basic unit generators and playback and recording of audio samples. We will go through basic digital signal processing one can build in pd-l2ork, and further combine everything that we have learned to make a synthesizer with a Wiimote controller. The last part of the workshop will consist on free building and sharing of code. I will then go around the room and help individuals to program what they want and answer questions on how to do certain things.


Required software will be pd-l2ork or purr-data. If unsure, purr-data will work fine. They can be installed from here:

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