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25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
liketohear - enhancement and manipulation of environmental sounds
Peggy Sylopp  1@  , Tobias Bruns  1, *@  
1 : liketohear
* : Corresponding author

Real time sound processing on Raspberry Pi, controlled by web application
Introduction to hardware setup, software architecture and installation

In the framework of the citizen science project "Hear How You Like To Hear" at Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg we developed an open source software for sound amplification and manipulation for the application in daily life situations.

We give an hands-on introduction to the use of hardware set-up (Raspberry Pi; Audio Injector) Jack Audio Connection Kit in connection with ALSA and AlSA-Tools:

* openMHA (open Master Hearing Aid)
* Raspberry Pi as wireless access point
* Web app for sound amplification control
* Enhanced sound recording
* Raspberry Pi overlay (switch off Raspbian without killing installation)

We bring 5 hardware set-ups you can use. It's also possible to get your own hardware:

The participants can experience the sound manipulation by taking part at soundwalks in different sound environments. The soundwalks were part of the field research of "Hear How You Like To Hear".

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