Website for the 2020 Linux Audio Conference held in Bordeaux, France
25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
Applications of Jupyter Notebooks for Audio Plugin Development
Travis Skare  1, *@  , Jonathan Abel  1@  
1 : Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
* : Corresponding author

Notebook interfaces in computing, introduced in the late 1980s, are in active modern use by data science and machine learning communities. Related to literate computing, notebooks encourage interleaving expository text with data, code, and figures, making for intuitive presentation of results. During development, they allow for nonlinear or exploratory development, and encourage building on prior research. We consider the application of such notebooks in audio plugin development and analysis, providing short example notebooks covering scenarios in DSP tutorials, white-box testing, black-box testing, and automation of third-party tools. While noting these workflows have been supported by commercial tools for decades, we exclusively use a range of FOSS languages and tools in our samples.

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