Website for the 2020 Linux Audio Conference held in Bordeaux, France
25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
Anders Vinjar  1@  
1 : Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique
IRCAM : ArtisticResearch Residency

OMAI is a toolkit for composers wanting to explore the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in computer assisted music composition. The OMAI library for the OM# CAC-application implements techniques for data classification, prediction and generation, in order to integrate these techniques in composition workflows.

Examples are proveded using simple musical structures, highlighting possible extensions and applications.

A brief description of OM# - a new CAC environment derived from OpenMusic - is included. OM# is a visual programming language dedicated to musical structure generation and processing, available on Linux, MacOSX and Windows platforms.

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