Website for the 2020 Linux Audio Conference held in Bordeaux, France
25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
OSPW 2.0 - An Open Source Linux-based DSP server for audio applications
Thomas Resch  1@  , Clemens Fiechter  1, *@  
1 : Hochschule für Musik FHNW
* : Corresponding author

The Open Signal Processing Workstation (OSPW) 2.0 is a Linux-based open software platform, designed for rapid prototyping and the development of digital signal processing (DSP) audio algorithms and corresponding user interfaces (UIs). Since audio interface and computer hardware can be chosen almost completely freely, the system can be easily integrated into any existing audio network and studio environment. Besides the necessary hardware components, OSPW 2.0 consists of the graphical programming environment Pure Data (Pd) for the signal processing, a script for the start-up procedure and initial configuration, and a webserver which generates browser-based UIs for an arbitrary number of remote clients automatically. All connected UI clients are synchronized among each other. This enables the simultaneous operation of applications by multiple users. Custom interfaces can be realized by extending the Javascript UI framework.

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