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25-27 Nov 2020 Talence (France)
Twilight - Mixed Media Art Installation with Ice, Light, Sound and Electronics
Peggy Sylopp  1, *@  , Adam Chalk * @
1 : Software and Tech setup
* : Corresponding author

Twilight is a melting ice sculpture made out of clear ice blocks, hanging and illuminated by several light sources and generating ambient sounds.

With 3 rows of double and triple ice blocks which create six falling drops allowing for the triggering of 6 individual sounds plus the acoustic environment. The melt is the initial tempo which allows for mono through polyphonic sound to be created.

Our next experiments seek to dive into two use cases at both the open-source and pro-audio "closed" levels. Within each case, different piezo base materials will be utilized (metal, stone and wood) to accept the drops while utilize the rotating drop which will allow the natural rhythm to drive the generative or interactive music and sound installations.
In the case of the LINUX open source setup, we consider a 3 piezo input and stereo output multichannel raspberry pi setup. Thus far potentially utilizing a hifiberry and faust powered by jack.

The block are left overs with arbitrary shape. Each block has about 7kg weight and needs about 36 hours to melt down. The light is reflected in the ice and has an immersive impact and beauty. The amound of water drops falling is measured by an installation based on Piezo, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Water drops statistics are visualized on a monitor. Sound of the water drops are processed with linux audio software.

During the conference, artists will perform one time daily with the music, light, ice and video.

The sculpture vanishes after maximum two days and makes people emotionally feel the irreversibility of the changes we are now experiencing in the world.

Twitter: @pegx_ , Insta: @pegsyl

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